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Special Skills

Don't Listen (2019)       Jake (Lead)                                        Black Moose Productions

Halftime (2017)                               Eddo Jones (Lead)                            Matt Demblowski

Bloom (2017)                                  Brian (Principle)                                Dale Walk Productions

Blank My Life (2018)                                  Reggie (Featured)                            Spad Nugget Productions

Checking Out (2017)                      Andre Zvon (Lead)                            Sarah Campbell

The Right One (2017)                      Jason (Lead)                                      Kendra Gillcrese

List of conflicts available upon request.

Dutchman       Clay       Teisha Duncan

Aladdin Aladdin Rhonda Wilson

The King and I Prince Rhonda Wilson

Tom Sawyer Tom Rhonda Wilson

Steeltown Entertainment     Acting Workshop     Demetrius Wren

Steeltown Entertainment    Camera Workshop     Demetrius Wren

Steeltown Entertainment    Behind The Camera Workshop     Demetrius Wren

University of Pittsburgh   Intro to Theatre     Teisha Duncan

Swimming, Basketball, Guitar, Horseback Riding (English), Weightlifting, Football, Southern Dialect